Monday, July 10, 2023


When in the course of human events, discourse turns into incitement of hate and justifications of harm, then terror reigns. 

The spread of hatred and prejudice due to political, racial, religious or any other excuses to inflict abuse of power and control over a person or group (on the basis of absolute right) is the practice of overriding personal freedoms and basic human rights in propagation of crimes against humanity.

The journey of life is a process, not a practice of right or wrong.  

The race that means anything is the race of the heart, the test of character.  

The use of bioweapons and parasites against another person in harm is terrorism.  

And the many excuses and justifications for causing harm, repeated and continuous sexual abuse, greed, abuse of power, cruel and unusual treatments, and sedition are unholy and crimes against humanity.   

Shammers and Liars

Shame, shame, shame-  Those that use parasites, contagions and other forms of harm, especially sexual abuse are nothing but parasites and co...