Friday, June 16, 2023


"The truth will out."

                      - William Shakespeare,

                      The Merchant of Venice

Eventually, the truth will become known.  

Eventually, it will become clear that lies and Ponzi schemes are not foundations to build anything;

Lies and schemes cannot be sustained, because there is nothing there, nothing real to build upon.  

Stealing, lying, defrauding, all will become known; it's just a matter of time.  

The good thing about time is that if you are brave enough you can look back and see where your choices have led you and who you have become.  

The heroes you have idolized then may or may not be much of a hero now.  

The ones you thought most powerful, may through clearer eyes reveal to you that power trips and abuse of power do not necessarily equal real power. 

For what is power? 

Knowledge and wisdom is power. 

The knowledge to build future prosperity.  

The wisdom to walk in the ways of the Holy and have salvation.  

Following in the ways of the unholy aggressors is not wise,

nor is doubling and tripling perpetually on liabilities and sins,

because destroying assets and perpetrating crimes against humanity is stagnation, depression and terrorism; 

all real and present threats to peace and prosperity and the survival of the human race.  

To make yourself or your country a threat, is no way to make friends and improve world standings.

And if history is any indication, the truth and what is real will always prevail.  


Because it is substantive, based upon spiritual and physical laws, character, real happenings and real ideas.


And if you have real psychics and prophets, then they should clearly see the past, the real happenings (what really transpired) in the ripples of time, and possible futures in substantive form, not manipulative.

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