Wednesday, March 15, 2023


I am not sure why them perpetrators who are unholy sinners and aggressors in the wrong, always retaliate over their own lies, sins and wrong doing;

And act like it is the victim's fault when their lies don't come true;

And (no matter how much you beat up on the victim) lies are lies and can never be the truth;

And fault the victim when their selfish desires and wants are not satiated at the expense of the victim;

And fault the non-psychic victim when their nonsense readings of whatever desired into the clouds predictions don't come true (I didn't tell you to make those predictions).

Blaming the victim and retaliating will not change the truth or cleanse their sins or absolve their crimes.

Harm is harm.  

How much harm can be measured by how much you would like the same things to happen to you. 

Would you like the same maltreatments and disrespect?  

Cruel and unusual treatments time and time again in continuous aggression, malfeasance, abuse of power, brutality and crimes against humanity are sins and cannot and should not be whitewashed over.  


What happens when sins remain unrepentant?  

What happens to the soul?  

We need to elect leaders who will vigorously protect and defend:      America and its allies      Democracy      The Constitution      Human...