Tuesday, March 14, 2023


How can I put this politely?

How can you ever imagine a Professor Trelawney without substance can compare to a Dumbledore?  

What kind of readings are based upon selfish desires without truth or comprehension? 

Why manifest each future nonsense prediction into reality with catastrophic long term fails each time?  

When are you going to realize predictions in future superficial nonsense is still nonsense?  

Moreover, whether remote or face to face assaults in puppeteering and sexual abuses are still criminal assaults and abuses, not a relationship, not consent.

Why not define what is really happening for what it is, instead of a grandiose god complex predictions in the obvious, fantasies and shallow superficial predictions?

  Remember to honor and thank the fallen heroes that gave their lives for freedom and democracy.   May their sacrifices not be in vain.  Let...