Sunday, November 6, 2022



So your friend thinks he has total power and control over people.


Is he in control of his aging?

Can he keep his body from growing old?


Then, he is not in total control of his own body, because his cells keep growing older, n'est pas?

Does he have the power to live beyond his years?


One day, he will die, because no one lives forever.

Does he have the power to determine Judgement?


Can he control then whether he goes to heaven or hell?


True power and Judgement belongs to the Lord.

All people and everything on earth belongs to the Lord.

For him to imagine himself in grandiose splendor (with megalomaniac) power and control, over the minutiae of physical movements of others, is unholy, because he is trophying what belongs to the Lord.

Perhaps he should first control his aging process before deluding himself in control of the rigid inflexibility of the shallow mundane and nonsense physical movements of the superficial.

Because I cannot understand why he thinks he can take his skin, power or the size of his lower "brain" with him when he dies.

What can we present to the Lord on Judgment Day?



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