Thursday, November 3, 2022

What Transcends the Sands of Time


Garbage in, garbage out.  

Fear and hate in, violence and destruction out.

Abuse of power in, tyranny, corruption and crimes against humanity out.

Super abuse of power in, super tyranny, super aggravated corruption and crimes against humanity out.

By nature and one's character is how it will play out.

You can have all the talent in the world, but if you lack character, you will not use your talent, time or treasure to help humanity or serve the Lord, but selfish gai

And if you lack the talent, IQ &EQ, in substantive areas, no matter how you play out, it will never be at genius or excellence and wise levels, because incapabl

Subpar talent or subpar super talent does not magically translate into intelligence, wisdom or excellenc

Mostly because, subpar intellect is incapable of understanding and recognizing threats and problems, in order to come up with possible solutions and actual strategies that work responsibly.

Thinking that winning at any cost is winning, regardless of consequences and loss of humanity, honor, courage and the true Christian way of love and peace, is not really a win, but loss of soul.

Compromised ministers or false prophets that will promise you salvation at the cost of your humanity are not real or true to Christ or the Teachings of Christ.

Preaching worship of false idols and bypassing redemption all together will not lead to salvation.

When the dust settles and bloodlust dies down, you will see that what matters in the sands of time is not the temporal power of Caesar, but the eternal love and peace of the Lord.

The Pharisees, so rigid in their belief of rightness and so unbending in practice of spiritual law, are now extinct.

Now, today, over two thousand years later, Jesus Christ lives in the heart of every true Christian and the Teachings still taught and guide our daily lives.

When the things of Caesar long turned to dust, the things that matter - faith, hope, peace, joy and love floats and transcends the sands of time.

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