Monday, November 21, 2022

Excuse Me


Excuses, excuses, excuses.

Well, excuse me.

Using scripture to excuse sins, is not a valid excuse;

Especially when using scripture to groom people into accepting sin, be complicit to sin or to perpetuate and conspire in sin.  

Using and twisting Jesus' teachings and scripture to bypass redemption is unholy and sacrilegious.  

What is the grooming into sins this time?  

Spiritual blindness*. 

Spiritual blindness is not an excuse to sin or let sins of abuse happen.  

When the sinner or unholy minister uses manipulation, a premeditation to cause spiritual or mental blindness in others, then the perpetrator of this grooming is fully aware of his or her spiritual unholiness.  


Because why groom, manipulate or gaslight?

Unless the sinner is trying to convince the groomed to whitewash or overlook the sins, wrongs or mistakes.  

Basically, the sinner minister is using grooming and manipulations to cause spiritual blindness to excuse and get away sins and crimes against humanity (whether it's sins of pedophilia or other sexual abuse crimes, selfish gains of Caesar or any of the deadly sins; a sin is a sin).  

Just as claiming ignorance of the law is no justification to commit crimes, claiming spiritual blindness is no justification to commit sins.

There is no excuse for sin. 

There is no excuse for hate.

There is no excuse to cause harm.  

Bypassing redemption only keeps the sinner on the path of sins and damnation.  

Grooming people into spiritual blindness when preaching about spiritual blindness is sacrilegious and unholy.  

*John 9:41

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