Tuesday, August 2, 2022



While abusers are punishing victims senselessly for their own failings and fears, these sinners neglect how their abuses are punishing their souls.  

When you add the real Judgment of the Lord, the consequences upon death to the sinners will be extensive and permanent. 

There is a vast difference between physical abuse and spiritual judgement.  

When the focus is only on that of Caesar, then there is a blindness to the spiritual world, especially of the Holy Spirit.  

Contrary to the grooming and power trips, those with no moral authority have no say whatsoever of the Spirit.  

Yes, those with the power of Caesar have the power to harm, abuse power and destroy.  

However, those Unholies have absolutely no power to enter heaven or see Heaven's Gate or receive salvation forsaken by them.  

When their path is one of unholy graveyards, then the path of salvation is lost to them.  

Theirs is one of the fallen, fallen from grace, fallen from the Lord.  

No one can harm them more than these Unholies have harmed themselves in spirit and character.

However, we cannot allow them to continuously harm and corrupt people into harm and sins.

The path of salvation must not be blocked or hampered by unholy sinners corrupting people away from holy practices and into unholy ones.

Those committing the crimes must do the time.

Bring to justice sinful abusers committing heinous crimes and defend humanity from corruption and destruction.

* Know that in the end, unless redeemed, conspirators, colluders, accessories after the fact, will end up in hell with the unholy sinners and abusers, each according to their involvement and complicity in the crimes.

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