Saturday, August 6, 2022


“Blessed are the meek: For they shall inherit the Earth.”    

                             - Matthew 5:5


Is this inheritance even in the realm of possibility?

Do you know of anyone striving for meekness?  

It is not a popular character trait today or at any point in history.  


Because meekness is regarded not as a strength, but weakness.  

It is the opposite of survival of the fittest; a complete contrast to power and power trips.  

The prevailing thought is that meekness is easily overpowered, exploited and controlled.

What is sacrificed when meekness is eliminated from the self and humanity? 


Self and Humanity.

Can you connect to yourself, humanity or the Holy Spirit in aggression or power? 

Can you receive the Lord's messages of love or love in fellowship in aggression or power?

Without meekness or calming of the mind you cannot attain enlightenment or wisdom.  

There is no learning in aggression or power.  

Meekness does not mean no defense.  

It means no aggression or abuse of power in defense.  

Meekness means taking responsibility and wielding power responsibly. 

There is nothing to inherit if there is no net worth or earth when the economy and everything is destroyed.

In order to inherit, there has to be something to inherit.  

How is wisdom achieved?

How is peace and prosperity achieved?

Note: "Lights" cannot form in aggression or power.  Blocked.

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