Wednesday, June 29, 2022


We become the choices we make in our tests of character we pass or fail.  

Failing most tests of character, signify a life of sin.

Those thinking that forgiveness is an excuse for failure and sin, and the key to entering heaven are mistaken, because forgiveness is not redemption. 

For example, those that are like Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars with so much potential, but lost it all to the temptation of  power will not enter heaven, even if forgiven, as a sith.


Because he is unholy and the Lord will not know him for he is no longer Anakin and is unrecognizable as a sith from his original nature and character.  

It is the same for those losing it all to the temptations of sins of the flesh and becoming more like cockroaches than decent human beings.  

Cockroaches believing in God and forgiveness, still will not enter heaven regardless of their beliefs, because cockroaches full of sin and uncleanness cannot see the Lord, Heaven's Gate and are not compatible with heaven.  

In life, we must pass our tests of character to have positive attributes of love, respect, honor, regard and a purity of heart, much like that of a child, to enter heaven.  

Thank You

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