Monday, June 6, 2022


Sexual abusers are unholy, their sins heinous; heinous sinners in crimes against humanity, the victim and the Lord.  


Ask yourself, would you want to be violated against your will without your consent?  

The act of violating without consent what belongs to the Lord and what belongs to an individual is sacrilegious.  

In addition, continuous sexual abuse crimes rises to the level of Sodom and Gomorrah conditions of depravity in the raping of innocents and therefore becomes grim in nature.

The down playing of the seriousness and heinousness of sexual abuse crimes (through the centuries by the abusers and the groomed) does not not change the seriousness and heinousness of these types of unholy sins.

Jesus Christ in his Sermon on the Mount preached, "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see the Lord." 

                                               - Matthew 5:8

What happens when someone is not pure in heart?

What happens, even further still, when someone is heinous in heart? 

When practicing heinous sins and crimes against humanity, the holy bonds to Christ, the Holy Spirit and the Lord are severed; the only relationship is to the heinous sins, crimes, the lower body and gutter mind.  

Collecting trophies, the reminders of heinous sins and crimes against humanity, are but a relationship with Satan and the acts of sinning while delighting in evil.  

When it is not possible to see the Lord, to see the holy and goodness, it will not be possible to see Heaven's Gate.  

What is even worse, unholy hearts corrupted and heinous can only see the gates of hell.  

Sins are sins; however, some sins are worse than others.  

Cardinal sins of lust are magnified when heinous sins of rape are added.  

How many counts of sins, crimes and violations seriousness and heinousness, determines the level of damnation.  

Many will imagine forgiveness of sins while still sinning unrepentant.  

Jesus Christ will say "I never knew you. Get away from me, you unholy wicked people!"                          

                                              - Matthew 7:23

There is no relationship between the heinous abuser and Jesus Christ and the Lord.  

There is no relationship between the heinous abuser and the victim.

The only relationship the heinous abuser has is with the cardinal sins of lust and capital sins of rape.

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