Friday, June 24, 2022


Everybody is for life; however, the Lord also grants people free will and the right to make choices unconstrained by the Holy Spirit, which includes the right to choose who they want to be; right or wrong, good or bad.  

Churches should not act like Pharisees and contravene free will, as it is the Will of the Lord that it be granted to individuals. 

Governments definitely should not contravene free will, as people are not slaves. 

Women are not slaves.  

Her decision to start a family is a private one.  

No government should interfere with private choices by individuals, whether it is the right to bear arms or have children, especially if it endangers her life or the child's life.

The draconian overreach by the U.S. The Supreme Court today stripped women of her basic right to decide what happens to her body. 

The scope of which is tragic and inhumane.  

No governmental body should decide for an individual what that person should do on a private level to her body.  

No governmental body should side with perpetrators of rape and incest and force a young girl to have a child or a women to be a mother, especially when it endangers her life.  

The Supreme Court today also paved the way for States to violate international law granting women basic human rights of choice.  

According to the United Nations, it is a violation of international law to deny a woman's right to choose what happens to her body. 

As women are not slaves, no government or church or person should act as master over a woman's own body. 


Would you want the government to tell you whether or not to own a gun?    

Why would you want the government to then tell you whether to have a child or force you into not having any choice over your own body?

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