Thursday, June 9, 2022

Aspects of A Society


There are different aspects of a society, such as culture, religion, politics and economy.  

Each aspect interacts and intersects with other cultures and societies.  

To focus and think that society revolves around one aspect, such as politics or religion is to neglect the impact of all other aspects.   

What is a society without economy or culture?  

It is unreasonable to think that politics control all aspects of society, including pop culture, religion or even within politics itself, where there are at least two desperate groups.

We exist in a dichotomy where one aspect does not exist on its own.

Destabilizing one part, like government, can spill over to other areas, such as  economy and world economy.

When practicing chaos, hate and divisions, dominoes will fall in different aspects of society and societies, especially economy and world economy, because chaos, hate and divisions are neither innovative in nature nor is it productive.  

Society does not function well with crippling debt, liabilities and sins, because it causes too much risk to arise in terrorism and violence, as well as decreases in confidence in not only government, but also consumer confidence (quality and availability or dependability in supply chain, etc.). 

Therefore, when practicing the Art of Anything, including War, if you hope to win for the long haul, it is best to also consider all aspects of society and what would be needed to fund certain endeavors and win a future worth anything to hand down to future generations.

When practicing faith, if you hope to receive salvation, it is best to consider all aspects of spiritual law and what would be needed to achieve enlightenment with the Holy Spirit and receive a positive Judgement from the Lord.

Thank You

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