Wednesday, May 18, 2022



White supremacists do not have the corner market on hate.  

The day after the mass shooting tragedy in Buffalo, another mass shooting tragedy unfolded in a church, the Geneva Presbyterian Church.

A hate-filled gunman chained shut the doors of the Californian church, hid firebombs inside and opened fire upon the mostly elderly parishioners; 

wounding five and murdering one, a 52 year old doctor, Dr. John Cheng gave his life by tackling the gunman and causing his gun to jam, saving countless lives.  

According to authorities, the Chinese gunman's murderous actions were motivated by hate and the political differences he had towards the Taiwanese parishioners.   

It is not just "Christians" murdering Christians anymore; anyone with a grudge, motivated by hate, can gun down parishioners in places of worship.  

No place is safe while hate is used as a weapon and an excuse for violence.  

*Hate led to mass shooting at the church.

Physician killed in mass shooting at church.

Thank You

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