Monday, May 23, 2022



Do you think you can cheat or manipulate your way into heaven?  

You can fool people some of the time or think you can fool everyone all of the time, but you can never fool the Lord.  

The truth is the truth.  

There are those that live in lies and believe their own lies and when reality doesn't mesh with their perfect lies, liars blame the world and everyone else, but themselves.  

Nothing in life is perfect; 

and trying to force everyone into your ideas of perfection is like the Pharisees telling Jesus what to believe and how to believe and what is the truth or Law or idiots telling the genius what is intelligence.  

If you think that wars are won solely based upon weapons, abusive power and aggression, then the Nazis would have won World War II and Satan would have won heaven, instead of being casted out and down into hell for all eternity.  

Building upon unwise practices or sins only worsens with time; liabilities build up and sins pile up.  

Over time, destabilizations, depressions and abuses become greater, as do the spirals into depravity and degradation, because all you will have are liabilities and sins.   

Who is the slave to the falling dominoes, and damning sins and Satan then?

It does not require faith to know all things act in accordance to its nature or natural progression.

The law of nature is the law of nature; just as liabilities are liabilities and will act as a liability no matter how you spin it.  

You can treat idiots like geniuses, but idiots will still act like fools; it is their nature.  

The Law of the Lord is the Law.  

Having Pharisees or manipulators misinterpreting the Law, does not change the underlying Law.  

In the end, where no one cheats death, the Lord will judge and decide whether you have been upholding the Law, interpreting it correctly and living it out honorably.  

Thank You

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