Wednesday, April 6, 2022


Remember the mortgage crisis of 2007?  

Trillions of dollars wiped out, household net worth in the U.S. decreased by 13 trillion dollars, U.S. and Europe spiraled into a steep economic recession.

Remember the primary causes of this crisis?  

Wild speculations in subprime mortgages not backed up by anything, basically investments in nothing, but a Ponzi scheme.  

Prior to the crash, investors thought the returns would last forever, but how can it when there were no real assets attached to the investments?  

My point?  

Investments in the snake oil of power trips, may at first seem great in the placebo effect of invincibility, but when people actually start dying from disease, COVID-19, families wiped out, it is time to re-evaluate those unwise investments. 

Investments in nothing, in lies, in hate will not build any assets in real cures, vaccines or innovations that will save lives and drive economies.  

Blindly worshipping snake oil salesmen as idols, who, without conscience, can profit from sickness, pestilence and death of people, is unwise, because the consequences are sickness, death and eventual economic recession or depression.  

False idols are dangerous, especially in these dangerous times.  

“Those who cling to worthless idols turn away from God’s love for them."

                              - Jonah 2:8

A closed fist, a cold heart will not receive the Lord's love, nor could it sow love or real innovations that will allow your children to reap its benefits.  

  "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see the Lord."                                - Matthew 5:8  Without a pure heart...