Sunday, April 24, 2022


Let's visit the expression looking through the eyes of jealousy again.

How you see through your eyes colors your judgement.  

Ever wonder why no one questioned the validity of Da Vinci's thoughts or judged his body too fat or ever too old?  

(Granted in his hayday Leonardo was considered to be quite handsome and had the body to match, but no one thought less of him for growing old.)

In any age, his art was still beautiful, his designs still inspired, his inventions still innovative and his work and mind still brilliant.  

Why then is the Da Vinci standard not the same for women as is for men?  

A woman can produce excellent works of art and create innovative inventions, but the credit never seems to belong to her alone and there is an expiration date on her when she grows tired and old.

The female aged wonder is often treated like the baby that is thrown out with the bathwater.  

What is worse, is that some will choose to throw out the baby and back the scum in the water. 

All to keep the illusion of power and status quo of some privileged men and a few women.

How much is scum worth? 

Why that much more than the baby?  

So this type of rat race will go on in endless power plays in absurdity just to get ahead, cut the throats of the competition and hone killer instincts; and if you're not ruthless enough then you're out, you obviously can't cut it.  

So what are we supposed to cut?  

Not the ruthless, senseless, ignorant power trips; 

Not the asinine power and control that spirals us into another conflict and crimes against humanity;

Not the unwise decisions by grandiose ignoramuses hell bent on power.

Not the pond scum.

No, we are supposed to cut anyone that disagrees with them, even our own family and friends, and especially our hearts, our soft hearts, because apparently it is a weakness to feel.  

As if emotions we feel are in any way the same as intellect or knowledge or wisdom.

And when deploying our intellect, we have to first match it to a beautiful or handsome face and body or apparently we will cease to function.  

How are we to create beautiful works of art without a heart?  

How are we to make amazing discoveries and cures for disease without a mind*?  

How are we to find salvation without a soul? 

*Do you really think you can win long term battles, let alone wars, without the brilliant strategies and mind to do so?

I mean, is perpetually doubling down on liabilities and ignorance and tripling down on hate and sins sustainable in the long term?  

Think of what will be left behind for your children and grandchildren.

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