Tuesday, April 12, 2022



It is strange that one of the most important attributes required to inherit the earth is so looked down upon.  

Meekness is considered a great weakness, yet how can it be when it is required to inherit the earth?  

Today, as it was two thousand years ago, power and strength was thought to be the requirement to inherit the earth.  

Conquests after conquests, war after war, dictated civilization for centuries.  

Proving on the surface, that meekness has little to do with inheritance of the earth.  

It is simply not how wars, conquests or contests are won.  

So through the years the word meek has come to be defined as submissive, wimp, weak and spineless.  

However, meek, in the time of Jesus Christ, meant humble, gentle, mild and modest; "freedom from pride or arrogance".  

Praus (meek) in Greek is often described by Aristotle as having power under control and self-control.  

Without power under control it would not be possible to think clearly enough to formulate strategies to win wars, conquests and contests; and once the war is won, stop the aggression and sign the treaties to keep the peace.  

Without self-control it would not be possible to find the peace within yourself and keep the peace.  

Without meek there would be no peace.

And it is the reason why the meek will always inherit the earth. [Matthew 5:5]


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