Friday, May 7, 2021



“Love … is … putting someone else's needs before yours."*

When you do not put someone else's needs before yours, then it is not real love.


"I never knew you.  Get away from me you unholy people."**

Feels like will be said on Judgement Day towards those that do not truly practice real love (who think that somehow transgressions can be forgiven and forgotten in the souls of sinners without remorse or confession of sin).  

I know I feel like saying it is not love at times when someone posing to love trample all over my civil rights by disrespecting my person and property in dishonorable ways.  

If you do not have consent, then you are violating.  

A person's life is not for people to play around with, dishonor and disrespect for game, power or anything.  


"Power is not wisdom." 

Overpowering a person and abusing power is not respecting or reading that person.  

Doing so will never get you to what that person is truly thinking or will be doing, especially when replacing with someone else's thoughts, words or actions (by messing with and messing up a person's actions thru fraud, lies and sabotage).  

The false sense of security that somehow you have control and forethought when you do not have self control or anything kind-thought or consideration for the victims, is narcissistic, grandiose and delusional.  

Ever heard of the adage knowledge is power?  

True power comes from enlightenment; being enlightened in knowing the pathways to salvation, having the power to heal the spirit, the mind and the body.  

If you do not practice love, then you have no pathways to salvation or any power to heal.  

What kind of power do you think the Lord is most interested in seeing you practice?  

What kind of love?  

*What Olaf says to Anna in Disney's Frozen.

**Matthew 7:23

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