Tuesday, May 25, 2021


It's hard to believe that it has been a year since George Floyd was murdered.  

I feel like I was just traumatized by the video images of his death.  

What's wrong with those abuse of power sinners?  

Where the practice of hate in them obliterates all humanity and could dare destroy one of the Lord's creations without conscience.  

And the abuse of power cowards that could stand by, conspire and be complicit to murder.  

We definitely need to address the atrocities committed by abuse of power sinners and the culture of complicity and fraternizations (in abuses of power and sins).  

Hate is the opposite of love, opposite of the Lord's Commandments, opposite of Christ's Teachings.  

Hate is incompatible with love, incompatible with the Lord's Commandments, incompatible with Christ's Teachings, incompatible with humanity, incompatible with the Holy Spirit and incompatible with heaven.  

Give no footholds to hate and sins.  

Let us honor the sacrifice of George Floyd by doing all we can to stop the hate and the atrocities committed by abuse of power sinners.

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