Saturday, May 22, 2021

The Battle


It has always ever been about the battle between good and evil, holy and unholy.  

During this epic battle, the tests of character, your character. 

Failure is not an option when the consequence is death of the soul, eternal damnation and possible destruction of humanity.  

If you skim, cheat, steal, you only dishonor yourself. 

Defrauding others is defrauding yourself in dishonor of your character.  

Puffing yourself up with grandiose lies is filling yourself up with hot air of nothingness and delusional fantasies.  

Abusing power is to lose the power of the holy and good within yourself, of being in good standing with the Lord and humanity.  

Abusing in sins is to trap your soul in the destruction of your character in unholiness and damnation; the turning into rot and uncleanness of the unholy. 

By hurting others you hurt yourself.  

If you never deal in goodness, you will never grow in goodness and the holy.  

You are what you sow.  

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