Monday, May 10, 2021


Do you make decisions based upon gut reactions or emotion?  

Perhaps, decision making based upon ego or rather bruised ego?  

Not sure where this idea of stoicism comes from, but I rarely see it practiced.  

Incitement, hate and rage are emotions, negative ones, but emotions nonetheless.  

Despair and despairing into disparaging opinions also illicit negative emotions.  

All descriptions above are varying emotions and negative emotions.  

When is intelligence applied?  

Do you even practice discernment or intelligence?  


Discernment is the ability to get to the heart of the problem, judge well what matters and what doesn't, the substantive and the inconsequential, the holy and unholy.

Intelligence is the ability to use your brain; discern the truth, assess, gather, learn and adapt to situations and apply knowledge wisely.  

No where in the discernment and intelligence process does it state to let your fears, insecurities and negative emotions run amok.  

Have you been following intelligent strategies by people with actual discernment and intelligence?  

Can you think of no real world life examples of what happens when you do not follow the best of the best or the most wise?  

Why must you have people insisting on seeing what real catastrophes and tragedies are like on a massive scale? 

The only reason it is not worse is because you have real intelligent people picking up after you and saving you.  

But when intelligence fails, take a good look around at what happens.

What are the consequences, do you know?  

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