Saturday, May 1, 2021


Are you able to see into the heart of people?  

Are you able to assess someone's character, the good, the bad and the ugly?  

Or do you have blinders on for certain people, but not for others?  

Do you ever re-evaluate your initial assessment?

Do you take responsibility for your actions, your deeds and misdeeds or mistakes?  

Have you ever been played or fooled?  

Have you ever been taught to hate?  

Strongly hate someone, group, tribe, or race?  

Click on the self-assessment check to find out.

There is a difference between friendly competition and hated adversaries, good sportsmanship and poor sport, holy and unholy in hate and prejudice.  

We are commanded by the Lord to love in fellowship.  Anything less is sacrilegious.  

Thank You

Thank you brave defenders of democracy and humanity for defending the values, the people and children that make this world a better place - ...