Monday, May 17, 2021

How Do We Adapt?


According to a recent BBC news report*, in Brazil it is estimated that 1,300 babies have died from COVID-19. (I am not sure how accurate this number happens to be.)

The point is not about wearing masks or not.  

The question is how to protect our children and ourselves from getting sick and dying from COVID-19.  

How do you suggest we protect our children?  

The virus does not care about our opinions or what we believe.  

New variants change the virus each time it adapts; and it usually becomes more contagious and virulent.  

It is believed that the new variants from India are affecting children more than past strains.**

The point is that this virus is constantly adapting, becoming more contagious and virulent, yet we do not seem to be adapting to its changes. 

The question is how do we adapt? 

And how to stop the spread, prevent disease and eliminate COVID-19 all together?



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