Wednesday, March 24, 2021

What Is Your Outlook For Salvation?


Think back to December 31, 2019.  

Where were you?  

What was your outlook for 2020?  


Did you think yourself winners in total control and dominance?  

At least, secure in the knowledge that you had power, could abuse power and was saved in salvation?  

Where are you now?  

Still in the same mindset back then?  

Were you right about your 2020 outlook?  

Are you still on the path of salvation? 

Were you ever on the path of salvation?

What was your character (how good were you) like back then?  

How holy are you today?

Are you under the impression that vaccines or the idea of the proper vaccines and treatments are invented in a day?  

Or are they created after years of past advancements and culminates after years of hard work and innovations?  

Given what you know today, what do you think will be the Lord's Judgement on Judgement Day?  

What is your outlook for salvation?

You may be surprised to know, you will be assessed based upon the highest level of ethical conduct and standards, not the lowest.  

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