Tuesday, February 16, 2021

True Power


They say that knowledge is power, then what is ignorance?  

Imagine not having the knowledge of how to create the vaccines for COVID-19, what would the fate of the world be then?  

How dangerous would life be without treatments or cures for diseases, especially when one deadly contagion could do so much harm, what would it be like if there were none for all diseases?  

What about having no knowledge of economics, technology, science, art, industry, music…. or of anything, including the Lord, Jesus and the Holy Spirit? 

What happens?  

It is laughable, when the ignorant lie and lie to themselves in grandiose puffed up hot air of nonsense, to think that lies somehow lead to knowledge or intelligence and real power.  

It is also laughable to focus solely upon the usage of fear and hate as if it will lead to total power.  

Fear and hate is only half of the equation, well almost half; the greater half, love and peace of the equation rises to the top; whereas, the other sinks to the bottom.  

Love and peace follows the rhythm of heaven, whereas fear and hate follows the rhythm of hell.  

Love and hope is by nature truthful, honest and honorable; it deals in calm and wisdom and welcomes varied dialogues in pursuit of knowledge,and is confident in love at peace. 

Fear and hate is by nature volatile, destructive and self-destructive; it deals in violence and ignorance and is deaf, dumb and blind to all, but the insatiable feedings of its sinful beasts.  

To avoid pitfalls in destruction and catastrophes, you need knowledge and the wisdom to guide you through, not blind ignorance or lies to exacerbate the problems and tragedies.  

Sad that abusers of power abuse, puffed up in ignorance, never getting anywhere real or finding (any cures for) anything, but harm; 

Harm in the destabilization of their souls into recesses of fear, hate and sins create falsehoods of grandiose delusions of perverse realities, which usually ends in vicious cycles of violence and destruction of self and soul;

Harm to where their lies become their sad life. 

The total lack of knowledge to know anything of real love and peace, to know the Lord, to know the sad state of their affairs in the facade of power thru abuses of power, is ignorant and sad.      

To lose standing with the Lord and humanity is to lose true power. 

And to not have an inkling of what the Lord's Judgement will be, is truly sad.  

Why have standards fallen so low? Where is the sense of honor and duty? There is no win or salvation in the shame of dishonor and indecency....