Friday, February 12, 2021

Extraordinary and Simple Affirmations


Whether accomplishing extraordinary tasks or the simple, it all begins with a single step and breath. 

Take a breath, a deep breath, and connect with the Holy Spirit and begin each step with the Lord. 

If stressed, try meditating with positive affirmations (repeat in a steady tempo as needed and remember to breathe):

     I brave the truth, no matter how painful.

     I see the truth, no matter how painful.

     I see my truth and find it deep within.

     I take responsibility for who I am.

     I take responsibility for my actions. 

     I take responsibility for my fears.

     When I fear, I work through it;

     Fear will not stop my person. 

     I have respect for myself. 

     I have respect for the Lord. 

     I have respect for what belongs to the Lord.

     I respect all people.  

     I serve the Lord.

     and I serve humanity.

Feel free to find the affirmations that will work for you and the Lord (nothing selfish, sinful or to do with power or control until power and control means nothing to you, because happiness comes from love of the Lord and love in self-esteem, not power).  

Also, have a

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