Saturday, February 27, 2021


"Since you are the Lord's dear children, you must try to be like him. 

Your life must be controlled by love, just as Christ loved us and gave us his life for us as a sweet-smelling offering and sacrifices that pleases God.

Since you are God's people, it is not right that any matters of sexual immorality or indecency or greed should even be mentioned among you.  

Nor is it fitting for you to use language which is obscene, profane or vulgar.  Rather give thanks to God.  

You may be sure that no one who is immoral, indecent or greedy (for greed is a form of idolatry) will ever receive a share in the Kingdom of Christ and of the Lord. "


                                           Ephesians 5:1-5

Why have standards fallen so low? Where is the sense of honor and duty? There is no win or salvation in the shame of dishonor and indecency....