Sunday, February 7, 2021

Do You Know?


Has it been over eight years since the ultimate disrespect?  

Amazing how those that were tasked with upholding the Teachings of Christ totally disrespected every Teaching and what the Lord Created, including the most Lord's most precious Design.  

The sins stemmed from disrespect and selfish desires grew into total disregard for the Lord's Blueprint;

Causing the change from blessings into curses and divergence towards hell for some of the unexpected, (from ministers that should know better to magis that should know the difference between holy and unholy), but selfish desires ruled back then seeped in disrespect for the Lord and the Lord's Design.  

I am surprised that as bad as things are and have become, it is not worse.  

Surprised, because I know how bad those sins were and are.  

I am not sure you know how bad those sins were and are; and where you are in the Lord's Judgement.  

Do you know?  

Where does your character stand in the Lord's Measurement?

How far away from redemption (or do you have salvation) are you?  

Do you know? 

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