Monday, January 25, 2021

The Superbowl


I really do not understand the fuss spiralling into violence and out of bounds, out of control behaviors.  

If your team loses the Superbowl, and after review, the lost is upheld, you do not go burning down the stadium and people in it.  

What exactly do you expect people and the referees to do, if upon review the final call is upheld?  

Why not try winning the Superbowl next time, without committing the fouls or out of control behaviors?  

If it was the other team trying to overturn results in out of control violence, would you stand for it?  

Peaceful transfer of power has always been the way the power game has been played.  

If every time someone loses and it devolves into poor sportsmanship or worse, violence, then there will be no winners, only losers in chaos and violence.  

There are rules in every game, agreed upon and established before hand from years of playing the Superbowl, and it must be followed with good sportsmanship; otherwise, no one will ever trust the results.

Thank You

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