Saturday, January 16, 2021



Oh, really?  

Did your so-called friend know what he was doing when messing with people?  

Power tripping, drunk with the power to mess someone up and now succeeded in causing big messes, what?  

It's now someone else's fault?  

Your friend plays god, but someone else is to blame for the problems caused by his abuses of power?

Somehow his sins are not his own, but someone else's?  

When are you going to hold accountable the ones causing the problems, the harm, abusing power and creating messes?  


If never is your answer, then do not be surprised when you end up in hell with them.  

The Lord does not excuse sins or sinners.  

You cannot receive redemption without the process of redemption or forgiveness without opening your heart to remorse and repentance.  

Do you really think the Lord has no moral standards or has ethical standards less than most people?

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