Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Moral Bankruptcy


Accelerated rot in moral bankruptcy;

Accelerated sickness and death in intellectual bankruptcy; 

Accelerated damnation in spiritual bankruptcy;

Accelerated economic disaster in innovation bankruptcy; 

It seems that lies, grandiose delusions, sins, abuses and abuse of power and superpower are all that your so-called friend is interested in; the getting off on one's own damnation and doing harm, causing damage.  

Well, the bad practices (in inappropriate, sinful and abusive behaviors) passed on to your children will only accelerate the already accelerated moral, intellectual, spiritual and innovation bankruptcy in them.  

Moral decay, moral degradation, moral bankruptcy, as will the accelerated rot and damnation, will continue until the abusers and sinners stop, confess, repent and atone.  

Following the damned and bankrupted will only lead to bankruptcy, catastrophic failures, disasters and damnation.  

If you do not agree, get a second opinion with the Lord and see.  


Thank You

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