Friday, January 1, 2021

Brave the Truth


Begin the New Year with bravery.  

Brave the truth; then brave the Truth.  

Face it with integrity and honesty.  

No resolution will or can be realized for long 

without first braving the problem(s), issue(s) or

root cause(s) of why you are making the 

resolution in the first place.

If you have sins or bad habits confess it.  

Repent and atone.

If you feel inadequate, insecure or lacking in 

self-esteem, why (answer without blaming 

someone else)?

Why do you feel the way you do about 


Answering the root causes of your issues, will 

go a long way to facing yourself and the 

Lord; and braving the truth.  

And if you simply want to be a better person,

improve on your temperament and character, 

consider how you can contribute to humanity 

and society in a helpful and positive way;

Respect what belongs to the Lord and respect

your neighbor, family and friends.  

Dreams (of fellowship, love and peace, 

kindness and hope, faith and inspiration) 

can only come true, when you work to 

realize it in reality; 

else everything will remain in dream form.  

Remember not to impose your dreams on 

someone else.  

You have your dreams and so does your 

neighbor, children, family and friends.  

The Lord gave each person individual purpose 

and talents that serves the greater purpose of 

stewardship of the earth which includes 

service to humanity (evidenced and realized by

 the Son of Man, Jesus Christ).

As always, the Lord granted us free will and 

you have the ability to decide who to be

and  the kind of character you like to have. 

In the end, your compatibility with heaven and

the Lord depends on you.  

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