Thursday, December 31, 2020

What am I?


"It is priceless, yet it costs us nothing. 

You can do anything you want with it, 

but you can't own it. 

You can spend it, but you can't keep it. 

And once you've lost it, there is no getting it 


It's just gone."*

What is it?

"I can bring tears to your eyes; 

resurrect the dead, 

make you smile, 

and reverse time. 

I form in an instant but I last a life time."**

What am I?

Time will pass, but memories last.

The happy memories warms the heart and

uplifts the soul;

The sad ones sink and muddle the mind.  

What am I?

Be it happy or sad is up to the individual.

Therefore, let us leave behind the bad of old and

begin the  new year with better mindsets to

be a better person and create happy memories to

remember to reverse time when you need to

and bring out the joys and wonders of a

wonderful life.

Happy New Year 🎆

*Time quote from tv show "Medium"


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