Sunday, November 15, 2020

Shame and Falls From Grace


What level of shame do you think the people of Sodom and Gomorrah was at for wanting to rape angels?  

What level of hell?  

What kind of people feel no shame for heinous crimes against humanity?  

Rape, sexual assault without consent, is one of those damnable sins that causes the heart to become unclean and impure, the mind to go into the gutter and the soul to rot with direct pipeline straight to hell.  

Yet many are groomed to believe that it is not that big of a deal, like deadly contagions are not that big of a deal.  

What kind of person feels nothing when people are getting sick and dying around them?  

What kind of person feels nothing when someone is being abused around them? 

My point is that falls from grace is based not on what people feel, believe or think, but upon the Judgement of the Lord.  

If people cannot follow the Law of the Prophets or the Lord's Commandments, then those people failing in character and deed, will fall from grace and be subject to the Lord's negative Judgement, (regardless of what them unholies feel or don't feel).


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