Saturday, August 15, 2020

Future Sight


If you can see into the future, at different points in the future timeline,  there will be triumphs, blessings, failures, catastrophes, valleys.  

What you see depend upon which point of future time you look and what your perspective happens to be.  

Your perspective will be warped to your perspective today; in other words, if today, you see the world as half full, looking at tomorrow from today, you will still see tomorrow's world as half full.  

If your interest is in fashion, you will see fashion, but not the things you have little interest in.

And whether you know it or not, you will most likely self manifest your interest or dreams into reality. 

Even if you know the hand you will be dealt, you will still have to play it.  

How you play it ultimately determines your character and fate.  

Which is why, when you play any hand, today or tomorrow, the best outcome, be it happy, sad, joyful, tragic, will be the choices that follow the Will and Ethics of the Holy Spirit.  

Because, we all eventual die and must face the Lord's Judgement, where all your choices, which impacted and determined your character, will be weighed.  

In essence, everything in life, now and forever, is a test of character.

Failures in negative attributes, such as hate, fear, avarice, greed, dishonor, will weigh down your soul.  

Grace in postive attributes, love, bravery, kindness, compassion, empathy, honor, will lift up your soul.  

How you face your destiny, will truly determine your future.

Whether it ultimately is a future with the Lord or not, really depend upon the purity of your heart to see (the Lord).

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