Monday, June 29, 2020

Respect and Honor


Everyone wants to feel safe, not only when you walk outside, but also in your own home.  

Everybody deserves to feel safe and respected. 

What happens when it is not safe, not respectful and not honorable?  

Those tasked to serve and protect, should do just that, serve and protect, not harm and disrespect.  

When people that are tasked to protect people, instead harm, then protectors are no longer protectors, but perpetrators.  

Perpetrators must be brought to justice; otherwise, the whole become guilty of harboring criminals and complicit accomplices of criminals.  

We should expect our protectors to conduct themselves with respectful and honorable conduct, not criminal. 

We need to hold those practicing dishonorable and criminal conduct accountable for each count of criminal misconduct. 

Cowards turn a blind eye to harm and sin(s).  

True heroes brave the truth, prevent from harm and live up to the Commandments of the Lord.  

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