Wednesday, May 27, 2020



Look at the timeline.  

If you think certain seers can predict the future, then as time passes you should be able to ascertain how accurate those predictions are.  

Pick a point on the timeline.  Take six months ago, was there a prediction for the coronavirus?  

Wait, there was already real-time warnings.  But still what was the reaction by so-called seers at that time?

Nonplussed or unconcerned? 

To count as a real prediction, it would have to occur prior to the actual event happening of December 10, 2019 and was it accurate enough to describe its significance, trajectory,  and its deadliness as a contagion.

If a seer could not see the significance of the coronavirus as a pandemic and contagion back in December, or understand it as it unfolds in real time, what makes you think that person can predict or see anything of significance at any time? 

In addition, who was first in predicting?  And who copied?

Copying a prediction is not predicting. 

Do you think copycats actually understand the situation or significance of what is being copied?  Has copycats demonstrated understanding? 

If a seer cannot see from the beginning the significance of the cornavirus or tell if something is a horrible problem in real-time or future time, what makes you think that person has a gift or is super special? 

Moreover, what make you think that seer can tell truth from lies, fact from fiction, holy from unholy? 

If cannot tell anything apart, how then could that seer see any consequences or any real futures? 

When a person cannot tell if he or she is unholy, cannot predict whether or not the likelihood of ending up in heaven or hell, then that seer will unlikely be able to see real life consequences*.

Take a look at the real life consequences of not realizing exactly what the coronavirus is and what it can do.  

It is not a game. 

People's lives matter. 

The path to salvation matter.

Try to see what the Lord will see; what the Judgement will be.

*Failure to know self (Art of War);
  Also failure to understand the 
  situation  (Art of War)


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