Friday, April 3, 2020

On Earth, as It Is In Heaven


Matthew 6:10

May your Kingdom come;

May your will be done on
earth, as it is in heaven.

How would you interpret the above scripture passage?

Know first that it is part of Jesus Christ's teaching about prayer.

From Matthew 6:5

"When you pray, do not be like hypocrites!"

Matthew 6:7

"When you pray, do not use a lot of meaningless words..."

Secondly, know who is being addressed (or the audience) in the passage.  

Though Jesus is teaching people about prayer, the prayer is to the Lord.

What should your attitude be at this time (when speaking to the Lord)?

Humbly, respectfully and reverently, awaiting or preparing to receive the Lord's will or reply.

It is not your will that matters, but the Lord's.  

It is also not the will of Caesar or anything on earth that can dictate to heaven; because

     you ask the Lord not command, 
     it is the Lord's will being done (not. 
     yours or Caesar's),
     nothing on earth can be taken into
     when you die you cannot take with
     you your money, power, prestige or
     anything, but your true colors.

What your true colors happens to be at the moment of your death is what will be Judged.

How you will be Judged depends upon the Lord's will (not your will or Caesar's).

Is it the Lord's will that bad things happen?

Obviously, no.  

Tragedies happen as natural part of life; however, it is exasperated due to failures of people to heed the Lord's warning, to work together, to prevent harm or protect from harm (usually man-made harm from power and control trips and other sins).

What good is money and power if most are wiped out by a pandemic? 

You can't use any of it if you die.   

If you die, how will you be Judged by the Lord?

When you pray, what is your attitude? 

Do you prepare to receive the Lord's answer and will? 

Therefore, "on earth, as it is in heaven" refers to what? 

The Lord's will.

Not whatever happens on earth will also happen in heaven; for example, no pandemics in heaven.  


You can ask for forgiveness, but it does not mean you will receive it or be able to receive if your heart is unrepentant (still filled with selfish desires, jealousies, greed, hate and sins).

And more importantly, you will be Judged upon the true colors of your heart and soul, not on the Lord's or tthe victim's capacity for forgiveness.  

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