Wednesday, March 4, 2020

The Lord's Minimum Standards For Conduct


As I have stated before, even I, blind as I am, can predict someone's ultimate future if that person constantly fail his or her tests of character in every circumstance in life.

When you pass or fail your test of character, you pass or fail before the Lord for the Holy Spirit Sees all.  

Even if no one else knows, you know; and if you are honest with yourself and can brave the truth, you will know the impact it has upon your soul.

Cover-ups in cowardice only increases the sins and crimes; and in time, these vulnerabilities in corruption of character will rot the soul and destory chances in salvation.

I know you have been groomed into thinking that if with your dying breath you profess your belief in the Lord, confess your sins and you will be saved, but it may not be true if your character is of rot, even if forgiven, your character is still of rot (still in unholy in negative states of detractions) and if you accomplished nothing in life but ill, then you will still be unworthy of Heaven.

In other words, what are the minimum requirements of character to meet the Lord's standards of Heaven?  

Most good people, that are not hypocrites, actually strive to not only meet the Lord's basic standards, but surpass these requirements to fulfill their purpose and to ensure their place in Heaven.

Do you even know the Lord's minumum Standards for Conduct?

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