Friday, January 3, 2020

Do You Have The Purity Of Heart?


Based on the conversation earlier, you probably guessed what I am going to write. 

It is important to have complete full processes, whether it is complete proofs of formulative solutions or missional goals.

It really does not do anything to not finish or have incomplete processes.

What happens with incomplete or partial treatments for sicknesses or diseases? 

The same applies to the repentance process and salvation processes.  

In order to achieve repentance and salvation, you actually have to have the completeness and fullness of it.

What happens when you fall short?

There are those that say you need only believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and salvation will be theirs. 

Yet, Jesus said to unholy believers on Judgement Day to get away from Him.


Do you really think an unholy person, sinful and corrupt, a cockroach, is compatible with Christ or Heaven?

No matter how much the Lord forgives or what that person believes, it is what that person has become, who that person is, how that person behaves and what is accomplished by that person, that determine character and ultimately compatibility with Heaven.

Do you have the purity of heart to see the Lord and enter Heaven?

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