Tuesday, January 21, 2020



The Way, the Truth and the Life, mean what exactly?

What is its purpose?

Why bring this up? 

There is this notion, way too emphasized, that if you believe in Jesus Christ then you shall be saved.

This is true if you understand all of Christ and the Teachings; know exactly what the Way, the Truth and the Life are and mean.

Because using the name of Christ or the Lord without fully understanding Christ or the Teachings, is hollow and will not help you to find and walk the pathways to Heaven.

The purpose of salvation means nothing if you cannot achieve it or find it or walk these pathways to Heaven. 

Now, how can you walk into the Light if you cannot see it? 

The Lord already spelled out the requirement in order to see God.

You must have purity of heart.

Without purity of heart, you will never see the Lord or the Light.

How to have purity of heart? 

You must have decency, because decency is the key to having purity of heart and finding the Gates of Heaven

Decency should never be undervalued, because your salvation in having purity of heart (seeing the Lord and Light) depends upon it.

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