Tuesday, November 12, 2019

What Evidence?


Why not have the courage to face the truth?

You cannot have salvation without the Truth.

You cannot identify and shore up weakness or fix actual problems without the truth.

Face it, you at one point believed the lies or misinterpretations of wolves in sheep's clothing, or Satan and Satan's puppets.

And maybe still believe the new lies and new grooming in same old patterns of abuse and that somehow you are superior or saved.

So let's talk about your imagined superiority and salvation.

What makes you superior to anyone else? 

Power? Is not character.

What is it you offer that is superior?  

What attributes?

And what makes you think you have the superior religion that will lead to salvation?

What specifically makes it superior to any other religion? 

What tangible evidence of grace, of charity, of love, of peace in fellowship that makes it superior or even better than any other? 

What evidence is there? 

Your words?

Your platitudes do not amount to a hill of beans, because words are not tanigble deeds, of love, of peace or even of faith (real faith in the Lord and Christ). 


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