Wednesday, November 27, 2019

The Path


For the sake of argument,  let's say you have been influenced by false ministers with misleading interpretations of the Word.

Do you know what and of all the lies, manipulations and misinterpretations there were?

For example,  if you brought into the false notion that we are all sinners, implying that we should be accepting of sin, then what kinds of sins have you accepted into your life and family?

What footholds of sin have you let into yourself and what kinds of sins have you practiced?

What harm from sin have you let happen (not just to yourself,  but to others)?

If you brought into the sole belief that you are saved by simply believing in Jesus Christ, yet follow none of His Commandments and practice none of His Teachings, then do you truly believe and are you really saved?

Where are you really on the path of salvation (are you even on the Path)?

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