Friday, November 8, 2019

Nitty Gritty Still Not Defined


Vindictive, weak, grandiose Judases do not need an excuse to abuse; any lie or delusion will do.

I cannot recount how many times the victim was and will be retaliated against for standing up, defending or speaking the truth.

I have worked with ministers that refused to confront racism, hatred and sin and thought it sad to be in the business of love, peace and salvation, but speak only platitudes. 

I have thought it extreme cowardice that security resource officers fail to confront perpetrators and cower outside schools as gunmen gun down children.  

Cowards do not belong in security.

And cowards do not belong in salvation and should not be shepards when actually mice.  

Perhaps, I am being too harsh, because I am upset with myself for putting off defining the nitty gritty, because I know haters, grandiose megalomaniacs do not need a valid excuse or the truth to abuse.

Thank You

Thank you brave defenders of democracy and humanity for defending the values, the people and children that make this world a better place - ...