Thursday, November 14, 2019

Expansion of the Heart, the Mind & the Soul


The best policy and practices are the ones that follow the Lord in Jesus's Commandments and the law of the prophets.  

This divide and conquer abuses by megalomaniacs on power trips only cause harm, destablizes societies and economies.  

Even if the ignorant and abusive are able to conquer, what is conquered are the splintered pieces, the compromised, the less than the whole and the result by those that only know how to divide and destroy is more divisions and destructions.

Eventually, the societies will destablize to the point of failure or fail after economies fail.  

Think of it as a bell curve, what still powers the economies and societies are the innovations of the past.  

But as innovation is interrupted by oppression, divisions, infighting and destruction, then stagnation occurs.  

You only need to look to economies of oppressive regimes to know and the economies of those that reply on piracy of free societies to grow and sustain itself.  

What happens when there are no free societies or innovations? 

Stagnation and depression.  

When there are oppressions, abuses of power, wealth accumulation for the few then the market base shrinks, few customers and less buying power.

When there are freedoms, rule of law,  wealth accumulation for the many then the market base enlarges, more customers and more buying power (and believe it or not the rich will get richer in greater amounts than they would have if they were hoarding). 

This is the same type of concept when people give in charity of their time, talent and treasure. 

Instead of the stagnation and dying of the light, they will experience expansion of their hearts, minds and souls with the Lord and Holy Spirit 

In return, have the stability of heart, peace of mind and well-being of the soul.

Thank You

Thank you brave defenders of democracy and humanity for defending the values, the people and children that make this world a better place - ...