Tuesday, October 22, 2019



I know how your friend feels; insecure at times, facing overwhelming odds and thinking the solution is in making powerful friends.  

I can relate to everything, but the powerful friends part.   

I believe in making true friends, not powerful ones.

I know, you think I am naive, because you can think of so many instances in history where the powerful crushes the little guy, where Caesar wins and humanity loses.

But, I find it sad that your friend would subjugate himself to the powerful and not align himself to the wise or the holy.  

Basing everthing solely upon power is, quite frankly, death.

The sword or fist cannot receive, learn or apply wisdom; nor can it inspire visionaries that can find the positive solutions that can change the world, lift nations out of poverty or find cures for diseases.  

A nation or a people devoid of positive vision will devolve into stagnation and death.  

All the money and power poured into superficial or nonsense will create nothing worthwhile.  

Unfortunately throughout history the powerful often fears the enlightened and intellectual thought, because of the false notions of losing power or control.  

Just as there will always be poor among us, so will there be the rich; and no matter what intellectual ideas there are and where, there will be those that will profit off of these ideas.  

Unfortunately, the most powerful or those based solely upon power are often so oppressive and short-sighted (because of delusional power and control) that those fail to nurture intellectuals and visionaries from within, so in the end have to resort to stealing and copying from elsewhere.

Imagine never having transformational ideas, products and solutions that move the world to next level transformations.

Imagine never having people that know how to create and create positive change.

Imagine not knowing how to innovate yourself out of trouble and not knowing how to create prosperity or peace.

Powerful ignorance or tight control, where you lose all inspiration and creative vision is death.

A nation or people of copycats, means none are orginators or visionaries, nothing their own.  

Who has true ownership of these ideas? 

And what happens when there are no good visionaries left to copy from?

I strongly encourage you to have esteem in yourself and nurture your mind, heart and soul in creativity and spirituality.  

Never subjugate yourself to the powerfully ignorant or powerful.

Align yourself, instead, to the wise and holy.

  "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see the Lord."                                - Matthew 5:8  Without a pure heart...