Friday, October 25, 2019

True Power Belongs to the Lord


One of the greatest threats to having good connections with yourself, the Lord and humanity is the desire for power and control.

The truth is we are insecure at various times in our lives, whether it is financial, emotional, relational or situational, we experience growing pains and insecurities.

True power comes from the Lord, not from the self.

When you try to control yourself, others or situation, you are keeping the Holy Spirit from helping you, the people and the situation.

Using power as a crutch to not face your insecurities and fears only prolong the inevitable; the frustration and fears build up, resulting in lashing out in uncontrolled anger, violence and aggression.

To have positive connections, you first have to have a good relationship with yourself.  

What does this mean?

It means having self respect, self esteem, self honor and self decency; and have the ability to connect to Lord and humanity in the same manner.

Then have positive coping mechanisms to deal with your securities and fear with raw honesty, intergrity and bravery.

Identify your insecurities and fears within yourself (what you can really control and change).

Use your words to work through your insecurities and fears; talk it out and work it out.

Ask the Holy Spirit to help you work through your insecurities and fears.  

To have competence and confidence in a skill requires practice and study.  

To have competence and confidence of character requires practice and study in respect, regard, honor and decency with yourself, the Lord and humanity.

Root out the negative, insecurities, fears or sinful practices within yourself and have the positive relationships with yourself, the Lord and humanity.

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