Sunday, October 13, 2019

Stand Up For the Lord


Not every Christian is a true Christian.

Meaning, there are wolves or cockroaches in sheeps clothing.

Knowing the vulnerability of blind trust, many Christians are vulnerable to grooming or manipulation by abusers intent on selfish gain or selfish desires.

Because abusers are often able to get away with abuses, abuses often escalate as abusers believe themselves invincible and powerful.

Unfortunately for the abused, the abuses often go on for years until there is a tragic end.

Churches are often weaponized not to protect the victim, but cover-up for the abuser(s) often in positions of power.

The corruption into unethical behaviors and sins often go unchecked until churches become co-conspirators of sin.

This might sound harsh, but look at the reality of truth.  

Take a look at the number of sexual predators allowed to prey on victims and children.

The silence of complicity is deafening.

Malfeasance, abuses and abuses of power becomes the norm.  

Not only are there footholds in sins, there are active participants in sin and sinful cover-ups.

No longer are churches servants of the Lord, but corruptors of Satan.

How then to stop the weaponization of churches into corruptors of Satan?

Break the silence.  

Stop the sins, the abuses and abuses of power.  

Uphold highest ethical standards.

Report the abuses, even if the abuser is the minister.

Stand up for the Lord.

Stand up for the victim(s), who are innocent of sin and abusive acts.

Stand up before it is too late.  


It is completely absurd and asinine to think that if one sins and are guilty of wrong doing that the person will be forgiven without first the confession of sin, repentance and atonement.  

Because without the confession of sin and without the ask, then what is there to be forgiven?

The sinner will not be able to receive the forgiveness for that particular sin.


It is a great sacrilege by ministers to preach forgiveness without the process of redemption, because it condemns the sinner to Hell without even the possibility of purgatory for there is no try at removal of sin(s), confession of sin(s), repentance, atonement or the receiving of true forgiveness.

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