Monday, June 24, 2019

When Judgement Day Comes


I do not want to argue.

I know what you want to hear and believe.

I know what you have been taught by your priest from his homilies.

But forgiveness and belief,  are not attributes of character,  nor are they good deeds sown for the good of humanity.

I do not know who's guilt he was trying to alleviate,  but finding the path to Heaven's Gate is not based solely upon forgiveness or belief.

In the end, when we are Judged, what are we to be judged on?

Will the Judgement be on the Lord's or victim's capacity to forgive or love?

Think again.

If you are in need of forgiveness,  it is safe to say that you have strayed from the path laid forth by the Lord.

I know you do not ask or insist for yourself,  but the person you care for.

But removing the process of redemption for that sinner only removes the possibility of salvation, and even, purgatory. 

Salvation is not about the Lord's or the victim's capacity for love or forgiveness.

If your friend have sinned, he or she must confess the sin, have proper remorse for the harm caused by the sin(s), repent and atone.

Otherwise, there is no redemption and no possibility of salvation (no recognition of problem of sin and removal of sin).

If you can answer, in the end, when we are Judged, what are we to be judged on?

You will have an inkling of the Lord's measurement of salvation and what you must do to receive it.

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